Sakura 桜

February 13 2020 - Viewing Single Post

The Deneb Kaitos main website has had a pretty significant theme refresh for 2020. As you can tell, there's a lot of dark colors and a very lovely shade of pink. This is known as the Sakura theme.

Originally I was thinking about what to do regarding introducing a dark mode theme to the Deneb Kaitos website, and for a while I really just wanted to keep the previous purple theme and make it work with dark mode. Ultimately though, the light pink on dark pink/gray is a color combination that works really well together. I've used a theme like this before with my previous Ultra desktop and I've always been fond of the way that it looked.

Some other design changes have been made, including condensing everything down a bit and straightening some things out that were overlooked back when the website was first brought online in 2017. You may also notice that the post titles are now ALL UPPERCASE. It just fits the overall theme of the website better.

On top of the theme refresh, I'm happy to announce that the Deneb Kaitos main website is now running on the new server and everything is (mostly) working as expected. The only issue is that the Downloads page isn't pretty looking due to an issue that's still being worked out and should hopefully be resolved soon. This server, like Satellaview, is spec'd better so things should generally run smoothly (though smoothness was never an issue with the old web server).

That's all for now. Enjoy the refresh and new servers! As a reminder, if you're a user of Performa, please make sure to migrate over to Satellaview as soon as possible to prevent any data loss.

Also please note that things may continue being a bit rocky over today and tomorrow as I finish up some tasks on this new server. Should any issues occur, it's likely I had to take the website back offline for an issue but it should come back up shortly.